Engraved cable signs for line and cable identification.

Engraved cable labels and cable signs are a perfect solution for efficient and permanent line and cable identification! There are multiple advantages compared to labels & co. Firstly, they provide a permanent marking that will not fade or wear off. This ensures long-term legibility and helps to avoid mistakes and confusion. Secondly, signs made of plastic, aluminium or stainless steel are extremely robust and can withstand extreme conditions, be it heat, cold, moisture or chemical influences. This makes them perfect for use in demanding environments.

We offer not only the appropriate engraving machines but also the corresponding materials. Whether as a simple cable plate with a hole or notch for cable markers or prefabricated as a utility plate for series labelling – we will be happy to prepare an individual offer.

Gravierte Kabelschilder Leitungsschilder Kabelkennzeichnung
Gravierte Kabelschilder Leitungsschilder Kabelkennzeichnung Vorgefertigte Nutzenplatte

Don’t wait any longer and optimise your wire and cable marking with engraved signs today. Contact us now to learn more and get a customised quote on materials and machines. Rely on our expertise and quality for a reliable and professional labelling solution!