Engraved padlocks (love locks). A worldwide cult.

gravierte Vorhängeschlösser

Who doesn’t know them? Engraved padlocks hanging from famous bridges? In many cities like Cologne, Paris or Prague, such places are already tourist attractions.

Everyone wants to realise their individual idea – whether as a long-term, planned project or as a spontaneous idea: with our E20, you can realise your customers’ wishes quickly and easily.

Designing the layout is quick and easy: with access to a large selection of engraving fonts and all Windows fonts, the use of ready-made symbols (heart, rose, etc.) or even the digitised signature or drawing of your customer on the SignPad of the E20, no wishes remain unfulfilled. And thanks to the preview, your customer can already see the finished product on the screen.

Ngrav offers a range of jaws for different types of locks, whether it’s a heart-shaped lock or a standard padlock. With our clamping jaws, locks can be clamped quickly.

The perfect tool for precise and fine engraving is the E20 diamond tool! With the spring-loaded engraving spindle, even curved surfaces are a breeze. Flawless engravings and designs are easily engraved.

Whether you’re a professional engraver or just getting started, ngrav has the perfect tool to help you unlock your potential and take your work to the next level!

gravierte Vorhängeschlösser, Klemmbacken

Our recommendation:

Desktop Engraving Machine E20.

Our E20 engraving machine is the ideal system for engraving padlocks – with the self-centring vice and a wide range of jaws, the engraving system is versatile!