Universal-Engraving machine X100.

Our X100 universal engraving machine offers a precise and economical solution for all applications: from fine engraving on jewellery to marking industrial parts.

The X100 is easy to use and requires no special skills or knowledge. With its robust and durable design, this machine is built for years of reliable use.

Flexibility through versatility & adaptation.

The most diverse objects, countless design variants, height-adjustable engraving table and self-centring vice, open for own adjustments. That is the simple calculation of the X100.

For all those who want to do engraving themselves, carefully and for the long term.

Universal-Graviermaschine, Schraubstock oben
Universal-Graviermaschine, Schraubstock Mitte
Universal-Graviermaschine, Schraubstock unten

Work up to 220x150 mm

Whether you want to engrave signs or inscribe parts – with an engraving surface of 220×150 mm you can realise a variety of applications. The flexible engraving table clamps small and large signs and can be supplemented with an adhesive mat and vice.

Intuitive Bedienung

Intuitive operation

Everything under control with one button – all functions can be called up simply by pressing one button.

Intelligenter Sensor

Intelligent sensor

No more tedious adjustment – the intelligent sensor in the engraving spindle automatically detects the material surface and thickness.

Standard oder individuell - Klemmbacken für Schilder und mehr - Individuelle Anpassungen möglich

Standard or customised.

We offer a wide range of clamping jaws – in addition, we can produce individual solutions cost-effectively using modern manufacturing processes.