A type plate is the business card of your products. Durable inscription on type plates.

Typenschilder beschriften, gravieren

If you are looking for an effective and cost-efficient way to inscribe your nameplates, then our engraving machines are just what you need. Simple operation combined with high performance make the engraving of type plates child’s play.

Our engraving machines convince with precise and deep engraving. This makes the type plates easy and permanently legible. Deep engraving on metal in particular offers enormous advantages over laser marking that is only superficial.

With the intuitive software, you can easily create your plate layouts. Even graphics, logos, symbols, QR codes and barcodes can be added. With the extensive serial engraving function, you can also complete large quantities of signs quickly and effortlessly.

You are absolutely free to choose the material. Use your own type plates or have your blanks made by us. Whether plastic, aluminium or stainless steel. There are many different types of material to choose from. With our machines, deep engraving is also possible in order to inscribe your type plates.

Gravierte Klingelschilder, Graviermaschine, Typenschilder gravieren

The right engraving machine.

The E20 desktop engraving machine is ideal for inscribing type plates. Create the layout once or scan with the One Click function, enter texts and start. Simple, fast and without prior knowledge!